ICG Q&A session – Sept 2020

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Matt Gibbs answers questions from Independent Consultants Group members (ICG), on the topic of TSAPI – the new API standard for Transferring Survey data.

Content is correct as of Sunday 27th of Sept 2020, and here’s the breakdown if you want to jump to a particular question… Errr…what? (0.38) Why do we need this API? (2.28) Is this Triple-S? (3.35) Just for Quant techies? (4.46) I get my tables delivered from the same supplier, will TSAPI help me? (5.28) Is this an ASC initiative? (6.45) Who operates TSAPI? (7.03) Do you have a dedicated team who work on development? (7.50) How is the project funded? (8.31) Will the API standard be open-source? (9.19) What is the purpose of this repo? (9.40) Will tech providers bother? (9.53) What will be included in TSAPI version 1? (10.58) Thank you & jazz outro. (15.00) *Spot the mistake? I meant to say TSAPI not Triple-S at 9.24.